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Cybersecurity. Adventures. Fun. Activities.

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Chichi's Cybersecurity Adventures!

Cybersecurity. Adventures. Fun. Activities.

Our Mission

Using characters that looks like them, I hope to inspire young learners to continue learning about cybersecurity and cyber safety, even after reading the book. The sky is truly their limits and their future dreams to work in cybersecurity can become real!  Join our mission and support our  book below! Lastly, if you enjoy reading this book, kindly leave a review! 

Our Vision

The book was written to inspire young children, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, to pursue cybersecurity knowledge from an early age. Since children are the future, the aim of this book is to improve the number of underrepresented groups in cybersecurity industry and teach them about cybersecurity early! 


I dedicate this book to children from underrepresented backgrounds who are pursuing education in cybersecurity and technology worldwide. Lastly, I dedicate this book to my future children, who I know will succeed in the future. Kids will pave the way for the future generation so we want to give them an introduction to cybersecurity early.


Grace F.

Grace F. is passionate about teaching others about cybersecurity while showcasing her culture. From 2020 to 2021 she virtually instructed high school students about  cybersecurity courses so they could understand the fundamentals of the field. Since then, she has given numerous webinars for other organizations. Grace loves inspiring young kids to understand cybersecurity concepts, such as cyber safety, so they are educated about cybersecurity practices and have their personal information protected from a young age. 


The Secret of Secure Servers

Join Chichi as she embarks on a cybersecurity adventure to uncover the cause of cyberattack at her school. Learn about best practices foe defending your servers and how to recover from intrusions! Our book is officially live!

Chichi sets out to investigate the root cause of the attack. Could one of her classmates be the culprit, or is it just a system error/hacker causing damage? As she digs deeper, Chichi learns about the dangers of cyberattacks and how to keep herself and her friends safe online.

Hi! I'm Chichi

Join me on My Cybersecurity Adventure!

Chichi is a curious and tech-savvy girl living in Lagos, Nigeria who loves to learn about cybersecurity. She just started boarding school at TeleAcademy Preparatory School and she is excited to learn even more!

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