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Grace F.

Grace F. is passionate about teaching others about cybersecurity while showcasing her culture. From 2020 to 2021 she virtually instructed high school students about cybersecurity courses so they could understand the fundamentals of the field.

Since then, she has given numerous webinars for other organizations. Grace loves inspiring young kids to understand cybersecurity concepts, such as cyber safety, so they are educated about cybersecurity practices and have their personal information protected from a young age.

Grace has a combined six years of experience in the Information Technology/Cybersecurity industry. Grace earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Cybersecurity from Georgia State University in 2019, which gave her the experience to address complex issues using technology and business knowledge. Lastly, Grace obtained a Masters in Cybersecurity from the Georgia Institute of Technology in December 2022, enabling her to apply cybersecurity concepts in real-world scenarios.

Hi! I'm Chichi

Join me on My Cybersecurity Adventure!

Chichi is a curious and tech-savvy girl living in Lagos, Nigeria who loves to learn about cybersecurity. She has just started boarding school at TeleAcademy Preparatory School and she is excited to learn even more!

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